Ganus Law Firm

GANUS was founded in September 2009. After years of rapid and steady growth, GANUS now has a highly professional team of over 160 full-time lawyers mostly holding masters and Ph.D. degrees. As a large and well-known law firm in Shanghai, perhaps even within the country, GANUS enjoys a highly regarded reputation in this field.

To comply with the aim of One Leading, Three Centers, which requires building Shanghai into the international economic center, financial center and trade center, while concentrating on the development and opening of the Pudong Area of Shanghai, GANUS positioned itself in providing legal service for large and medium enterprises at home and abroad. The label of Legal Expert in Companys Operations highly summarizes the GANUS status in the professional field. Therefore, GANUS has outstanding advantages in company commercial affairs, economic business, financial business, and other business. Besides, most of GANUS lawyers are all rounded lawyers who have the adept ability to deal with legal problems synthetically with their management experiences of factories, companies, state-owned enterprises and administrative organs. In addition, it is the value of GANUS lawyers that they can ensure the economic effect and social benefit of their legal services efficiently.

In light of the characteristics of the companys operations, GANUS has divided its business scope into NINE aspects: the Department of Construction & Real Estate, the Department of Maritime Law, the Department of Banking & Taxation, the Department of Capital Securities, the Department of Intellectual Property, the Department of International Business, the Economic Crime Research Center, the Department of M&A and Reorganization, and the Department of Health & Medical Law. Each department is allocated with over 20 experts and lawyers who have strong theoretical backgrounds and rich practical experience and have undertaken a number of influential cases.

  • GANUS is committed itself to set up the one-stop service model for global legal affairs. By setting up branches and partnerships in major cities around the world, GANUS lawyers can provide speedy and globalized legal services for our clients based on sharing reciprocal advantages and resources. Meanwhile, GANUS has advanced hardware environment and information platform. By taking the lead in using the Client Service-Tracking System and the Client-Query-Progress System. GANUS establishes an electronic database for all types of files and client information. Besides, GANUS also pays lots of attention to implementing standardized management and mutual sharing of the internal information and setting up external information network platform, in order to implement management and provide services for clients in a more efficient, transparent, accurate and diligent manner.

The name GANUS,  means pursuing the righteous laws to help people out, weeding out suspicion and smoothing out the world in Chinese, it highly summarizes the working attitude of GANUS lawyers. GANUS lawyers are willing to help our clients to maximise their profits while working within the boundaries of the law. Additionally, GANUS lawyers are also willing to use righteousness as sails and oars to help our clients reach the shore of justice.

Ganus’Value:Since dispute itself means each side sticks to their argument, it is possible that the other side might win.