The Department of International Business is an important branch of GANUS complying with the requirement to build Shanghai into a World Trade Center. Besides, the Department of International Business is a relatively early branch set up by GANUS, which has undertaken a large number of foreign investment businesses in South Korea, China Taiwan, Japan and Europe. At the same time, this department has also been acting as the legal consultant of several famous multinational enterprises. The lawyers in this department are one of the few compound lawyers who have the abilities to communicate in a variety of languages, which includes international major languages, such as English, and minor languages, such as Korean, and Arabic, etc. 

Business Scope


International Capital Services

Providing General Counsel Service on Investment in China in aspect of Law and Supervision; Providing Overall Suggestions about the Legal Supervision of Specific Investment or Investment Projects through counseling and analysis; Providing Assistance in Legal Due Diligence of the Projects, Commercial Negotiations, the Design of the Transaction Structures and Investment Frameworks, and the Establishment, Alteration and Registration of the Investment Vehicle Institutions; Drafting and Amendment of the International Trade Contracts; Legal Issues involved in Payment of International Trade, etc.


International Financial Services

The Domestic Investment of Foreign Financial Institutions, Especially the Establishment of Joint-Venture Financial Institutions and Branches, including Banks, Securities Companies, Insurance Companies, Trust Companies, Fund Management Companies, etc. Cross-Border Lending, Project Financing, Trade financing, M & A Financing, Structured Financing by Domestic and Foreign-Capital Financial Institutions; Foreign Exchange, Guarantee, Financial Management (QFII, QDII, etc.); Financial Derivatives and All Kinds of Structured Products, etc.


International Investment Services

Analysis of Market Entry Strategies, including the Planning and Implementation of International Investment Plans; Planning, Due Diligence, and Providing Legal Advisory Papers for M & A between Domestic Enterprises, and between Foreign-Funded Enterprises; Structure Design for Overseas Investment, and M & A Transactions; Legal environment investigation on the Investment Destination Countries; Drafting of Overseas Investment Transaction Documents; Tax Consulting and Compliance Services, etc.


International Dispute Resolution

Providing Assistance in Negotiation, Reconciliation and in Resolving Disputes; Participating in Litigations and Arbitrations; Providing Solutions of Legal Conflicts in Different Jurisdictions; Providing Assistance in Recognition and Enforcement of the Cross-Border Arbitral Awards and Court Judgments at Home and Abroad, etc.

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