Department of M&A and Reorganization

Business Scope


Preparatory Stage

Strategies Formulation for the Enterprises’ Development and the M & A; Selection of Target Corp and Legal Feasibility Demonstration; Industry Policies Analysis; Transaction Documents Review, etc.


Project Design Stage

Legal Due Diligence of Target Corp; Overall Planning Design for M & A and Financing; Examination, Drafting, and Negotiation of Trading Documents; Providing Analytic Opinions on the Supervision and Approval of Transactions; Tax Arrangements for M & A; Accounting Treatments, etc.


Negotiating and Signing Stage

Analysis, Selection, and Revision of the M & A Plans; Making Acquisition Proposals / Letters of Intent; Assistant in Negotiations and Signing Contracts.


Takeover and Integration Stage

Design and Improvement of Company Equity Structures and Management Structures; Legal Risks Management of Company Operations; Tax Legal Affairs; Other Legal Affairs such as Bankruptcy Reorganization, Bankruptcy, and Liquidation, etc.

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