Department of Medical & Health Law

Business Scope

Perennial Legal Counsel Services and All Kinds of Litigation and Arbitration Services; Providing assistance for clients to communicate with CFDA at all levels, and help clients to obtain various kinds of management or production license and approval; Providing Legal Opinions and Legal Counsel Services about Product Registration, Certification (GSP Certification, /GMP Certification, etc.), and Product Filing (Food, Cosmetics, etc.), etc. Participating in Review of Major Administrative Decisions made by Health Administration Department, Compliance Review of Contracts and Agreements, and Legal Risk Assessments; Legal Services for Investment and Financing in this field such as Foreign Direct Investment and M & A, Venture Capital, Private Equity Investment, New Three Board Listing, and IPO Listing, etc. Intellectual Property Planning, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and other Legal Services in this Field; Constructions of Company Compliance System, Compliance Investigation and Treatment, and other Legal Services within the Field; Legal Services for Anti-Monopoly, Unfair Competition, and Legal Service Related to Criminal Offence; Agency for Medical Disputes and Traffic Accident Treatments, etc.

Ganus’Value:The rights and obligations equals to gaining and giving.