Department of Banking & Taxation

Business Scope


Financial Affairs

M & A Loans, including all kinds of Commercial Loans, Syndicated Loans, Export Credits, and Post-Loan Risk Management, etc. Project Financing, including Real Estate Projects, Energy Projects, and Infrastructure Projects, etc. Real Estate Financing, including Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings, Residential Properties, Hotels, Integrated properties and Public Parking, etc. Financial Claims Protection, Structural restructuring of Debt, Disposition of NPL, Financial Crisis Management; Financial Leases, including the Establishment of Financial Lease Companies, Organization Structure Designs, Structure Design for Financial Lease Trades, Refinancing of Financial Leasing Companies, Overdue Receivables, Disposition of NPL, Off-Balance-Sheet Financing; Financial Derivatives, Financial Innovation, including Forward Contracts, Futures contracts, Options Trading, etc. The Establishment, Alteration, Operation, M & A, Reorganization and Other Legal Affairs of Banks and Other Financial Institutions; Banking Business & Review of Compliance, including Legal Counseling on Bank Compliance, Preparing Loan Documents, Relevant Financial Lease, Disposition of NPL, etc.


Taxation Affairs

Tax Planning for M & A of Enterprises, Personal Tax Planning; Tax Avoidance of Land Leasing and Purchase; Scheme Design & Tax Avoidance of the Staff Resettlement; Measures Design for International Tax transfer, Sparing, Discount, Deduction and Avoidance; Providing Legal Opinions for Reasonable Tax Avoidance; Tax Planning for Financing, including Financing Tax Scheme Design, and Debt Tax Planning, etc. Daily Tax Consultation; Tax Planning for Imports & Exports.

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