The Department of Intellectual Property consists of several lawyers with the qualification of patent agency and trademark agency. All lawyers graduated from science and technology colleges and have solid theoretical foundations in the traditional manufacturing techniques and processes, telecommunications, electronics, software, semiconductors, biotechnology, pharmacy, electronic commerce, and media, etc. The business of this department covers several aspects such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, integrated circuit design, trade secrets and domain names, and has also covered other traditional industrial area. Not only the conventional intellectual property legal services but also the effective schemes for intellectual property protection and tort remedies that the department can provide for our clients.

Business Scope


Patents & Trademarks

Literature Retrievals and Searches; Patent Applications and Examinations, Trademark Applications and Examinations; Analysis of Patent Infringement at Home and Abroad; Administrative Litigation and Tort Litigation about Patents and Trademarks; Maintenance, Licensing and Transfer of the Patent Rights; Renewal, Alteration, Transfer, and Licensing of the Registered Trademarks, etc.


Copyrights & Others

Registration, Licensing and Transfer of the Copyrights; Disputes over copyright ownership and tort; Copyright Litigations; Registrations of Computer Software; Dispute Resolution in Domain Names; Dealing with Affairs relating to the Customs Protection of Intellectual Property; System design for company's intellectual property protections; Litigations relating to Unfair Competition and Trade Secret.

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