The Department of Maritime is a new department adapted to the current development policy, which requires building Shanghai into a World Trade Center. As a deep-water port with one of the largest throughput in the world, the numbers of maritime legal affairs in Shanghai are rising fast. This department has established close cooperative relationships with the China Maritime University and the Ocean University of China. By virtue of the subject advantages, this department is formed by several lawyers who have the profound academic background and rich professional experience in this field. Besides, most of the lawyers are engaged as visiting professors or scholars and have significant service advantages and higher professional accomplishment in this sector.

Business Scopes


Admiralty Legal Affairs

Compensations for Damages Resulting from Ship Collision, Oil Spilling, Marine Aquaculture, Casualties and other Maritime accidents; Damage Compensations for Ships Colliding Structures and Facilities at the sea, sea waters, and the ports; Compensations for damages of the Facilities Erected in the Air or Laid under the Water due to the Ships; Illegal Possessory Lien of the Ships & Ship Cargos; Pre-Trial Applications for Arresting Ships, Ship Cargos, or Marine Fuel, etc.


Maritime Legal Affairs

Disputes over Marine Contracts, such as Contracts of Carriage of Goods by Sea, including Cargo Damages, Loss of Goods, Delayed Deliveries of Goods under Bill of Ladings and Waybills, Contracts of Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Sea, Contracts for Construction, Sale, Repair, and Dismantling of the Ships, Ship Mortgage Contracts, Charterparties, including Time Charterparties, Bareboat Charterparties, etc. Shipping Agent Contracts, Seamen's Employment Contracts, Marine Salvage Contracts, Marine Towage Contracts, Marine Insurance Contracts, and Joint Management of Merchant Shipping Contracts, etc.


Other Marine Cases

Major Liability Accidents Resulting from Offshore Operation; Disputes over Port Operation; Disputes over Particular Average and General Average; Disputes Concerning Ship Operation, Income and Distribution between the Co-owners of the Ship; Disputes over Claims for Ship ownership, Possession, Mortgage, or Maritime Lien; Disputes Concerning Bill of Lading during the Marine Transportation, such as Loss of Goods, Cargo Damages, and Delivery without Bill of Lading; Maritime Evidence Preservation, and Maritime injunction, etc.

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