The Department of Construction & Real Estate is the earliest established department and has the largest number of lawyers in GANUS. This department includes two sub-departments—Construction & Real Estate I and Construction & Real Estate II. The business of the department mainly deals with legal affairs such as the construction, transaction, and leasing of the house property, landed estate, fixed facilities, roads and bridges, tunnels and so on. With the multiple cases-handling experiences all these years, this department has solved plenty of disputes and has accumulated a wealth of experience and reserved excellent professional skills. Most of the lawyers in this department enjoy fantastic reputations in the East China and even in the whole country.

Business Scopes


Real Estate Development

Legal Structure of Project Development or Cooperative Development; Investment & Operation of Commercial Real Estate Projects; Whole-Way Consultant for Real Estate Development, including One-Stage and Two-Stage Developments of Land, “Three Old” Transformation, Development of Industrial Parks, Urban Complex Development, Tax Planning of Real Estate Development, Legal Services for Property Operations and Services, Establishment of Real Estate Enterprises, Real Estate Projects (or Corporations) M & A, Reorganization, or Liquidation, etc. Real Estate Investment & Financing, including Real Estate Funds, Trusts, Listing, Securitization of Real Estate Assets, etc. The Acquisition, Selling and Transfer of the right to use state-owned land; Agency for Real Estate Disputes Cases, including Real Estate Projects (or Company Equities) transfer, Cooperative Development Disputes, Land and House Expropriation (Demolition) Disputes, Disputes About Construction Contracts, Disputes about Housing Purchase Contracts, Disputes about Housing Lease Contracts, and the Establishment, Operation, Transfer, M & A and Reorganization of Real Estate Enterprises.


Land Investment

Legal Argumentation, Legal Risk Assessment and Cooperative Terms for Land Investment Model; Land Investment Agreement and Land Transaction Agreement; Legal Services for Land Expropriation, Relocation Compensation, Primary Land Development, Collective Land Conversion, such as contract, lease, and transfer, etc.


Construction Projects

Project Preliminary Approval and Risk Prevention; Construction Project Contracting and Bidding; Documentation, Negotiation of the Construction Contract; General Contracting & Project Management of Construction Project; Implementation & Supervision of the Construction Contract; Completion Acceptance and Delivery of the Construction Project; Warranty and Quality Assurance of the Construction Project, etc.

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